One of the most defining features of  house plans in Kenya is their bedroom space. This is the most private, most intimate part of a house’s layout, and is definitely the most representative of a person’s character in secret. The bedroom is the place where we carry out the most intimate and natural instincts that human beings possess. This is where we all prepare and groom ourselves prior to coming out to the working environment.

House Plans In Kenya – The Characteristics of The Bedroom

bedroom interior for house plan in Kenya

tasteful bedroom interiors

The bedroom is one of the most expressive spaces in house plans in Kenya with regard to truly representing a person’s character. It is the space where people do not have many pretenses, and many will be quite lavish with regard to the way they treat their bedrooms. The bedroom décor that an individual uses within this space is highly personal, without much thought for outsiders whose opinions may hold sway in other realms, but not here!


Bedrooms are the zone of rest and relaxation in house plans.

House plans in Kenya are normally prone to treating the design of bedrooms as the main zone of rest and personal space. The bedroom represents one major furnishing – the bed. It is the room where the bed is the main thing. It represents the main space where people will manage to attain rest and relaxation.  There is great responsibility with regard to the creation of an ambience of peace and tranquility. This must be reflected in the colors selected, choice of hard and soft furnishings as well as the very construction materials that are utilized here.


Bedrooms are zones of grooming and refreshing in house plans in Kenya.

The bedroom space is the location where people must be able to groom themselves in the context of their most private requirements. While planning a house plan in Kenya, one must organize the bedroom to have a good interaction with the bathroom spaces, hence the popularity of en-suite bedroom spaces.

The bedroom must give opportunity for an individual to spruce themselves up after taking a shower or even waking up from resting. There is major need for dressing areas in this context. The incorporation of dressing tables and even provision of walk in dresser wardrobes can assist to achieve this goal.

In order for this to be successful, grooming areas require good lighting and comfortable provisions. This can be achieved by adequate provision of lighting that make it easier for people to see themselves clearly in the process of grooming themselves.  Creation of visual interest can also be achieved through the playful use of decorative and effects lighting within the these areas, as well as the general ambient lighting that enables the tasks to be achievable. House plans in Kenya may previously not have had as much provision for specialized lighting to be integrated but people have become more adventurous and willing to experiment with special lighting effects in their homes. Use of colored lighting and LED lights can give powerful visual effects even in the context of the bedroom.


The Bedroom is the zone of intimacy within house plans in Kenya.

The most private chambers within the home setting happen to be the bedroom spaces. This is the area that uniquely belongs to the residents of a home, and not outsiders. Each nuclear family has its own private space where everything private and hidden from reach of visitors can be found.

The scale of the bedroom space is likely to be smaller than the other larger living spaces in the home. While there are those who may aspire to have extremely large bedroom space, the majority would rather have adequate space that does not make them feel out of proportion with its size. Rather than having an extremely large bedroom space, most would rather have room that feels cosy and intimate. This has to be balanced with providing room that is again not cramped.


The Bedroom is the place of personal private archival space within a house plan in Kenya.

The most appropriate area for creation of storage of highly personal information usually is within the bedroom. This is the area where individuals create personal safes or simply secured storage cabinets in which they store vital family documentation such as title deeds, cheque books, family heirlooms and legal documents among others. With this consideration, one may consider the bedroom space as the maximum security area of a home, especially the master bedroom where the home owners are likely to reside.

Children in a family also create their own personal space in the context of the home, and their bedrooms are likely to be their major sphere of influence whereby they define it as their zone within the house plans in Kenya.


The Bedroom is the zone of storage of personal effects for individuals within the home. As such, when creating house plans in Kenya, one must approach the design of bedrooms with an attitude as to provide sufficient storage space, especially within wardrobes to be located within.


Bedrooms should connect with external spaces in House plans in Kenya

The bedroom being a private internal space can be very introverted as a part of a house plan. This can be a negative effect on the layout of the house plan, especially if it is within a congested area.

One of the easiest means by which this claustrophobic impact can be reduced is by the incorporation of balcony spaces adjacent to the bedroom. This can provide an external transition space in the proximity of the main bedroom. This effect can be pleasant, especially to those who are interested in enjoying the external environment within the confines of their private space.


The bedroom space can be regarded as the epitome of privacy intermingled with personal expression of its owner’s character. One can be conservative in its makeup, and in most cases this is the room that embodies its owner’s private lifestyle. Creation of this personal expression is a great challenge for the architect and interior designer creating house plans in Kenya .