When it comes to exterior and Interior Design in Kenya, creativity is the only way to come up with a winning design. It all about using what you have or what is locally available to create something nice, unique and elegant.

It is now possible for you to have a waterfall inside or outside your house, made from good old ceramic pots. The waterfall comes in a variety of colors and designs to fit your space and house plan. The ceramic pots are specifically created for each design and painted according to the client’s desire. The ceramic pots give you that nice African touch.

The water fall uses power to run and the power consumptions is extremely low. You can expect to be spending not more than Kes. 500 to keep your water fall running day and night. And of course you can always turn it off at night to save on power.

Interior Design in Kenya – The Components of the Ceramic Pots Water Fall

The ceramic water fall has 3 simple components.

  • The Pots
Interior Design in Kenya

Interior Design in Kenya – Ceramic Pots Waterfall

The pots are custom designed for every waterfall. After the pots are created, they are painted according to the design selected. Each pot has a spout that allows water to flow out to the next pot and each pot receives water from the pot above it.

The pots are arranged in an ascending order on a spiral wrought iron pot holder. You can have either 1 or 2 ladders of pots. All the pots drain to a central pot at the bottom, which is decorated with colorful stones.


  • Power

The water ceramic pot water fall uses power to keep the water flowing. All that is required is a power point near the waterfall. The power is used to run the pump that keeps the water flowing.

Other power options such as solar can be considered to run the waterfall especially when it is placed outside. From observation, your power bill to run the waterfall will not be high. It was also depend on the number and size of pots used.


  • The Pump

A small pump is used to keep the water flowing. The pump is a very small one, similar to pumps used in aquariums. The whole system is safe and you can put your hand in the water without experiencing any current.

The ceramic pots waterfall is a unique and classy item to add to your exterior or interior design. It occupies very little space but adds a lot of character to any space. It is of course important to take precaution for households with small children and pets.

The system is very easy to maintain and clean. All you need to do is turn off the power and clean out the entire system.

The system is created to suit the needs of the client and once delivered to site; all you need to do is plug it in. The client is involved in every step of the development and the waterfall can be of any size or shape that the client selects.

Interior Design – Put your Personal Touch to your Home

Interior design in Kenya is all about creativity and repurposing commonly available items into outstanding pieces that bring out your style uniqueness. Imagine having a waterfall inside or outside your home? It’s definitely worth the investment. Contact us if you are interested in one.