If you are interested in undertaking a building project and are looking for a firm of Architects in Kenya, you have reached the right place.

You may have had this building project that you want to implement in order to maximize your revenues and optimize that piece of land. You also have been thinking of how to go about turning your thoughts into reality, and what steps you need to consider to get your project done with the least fuss, financially and emotionally. Perhaps all you are interested in is a building concept design that can help you crystallize your vision, and assist you to look for funds from development partners or even go out to the market for off-plan investors. We can be of assistance to you.

You may also be interested in constructing  a conscientiously designed,  unique and beautiful building or complex, and find a building designer that will capture your imagination and transform it into a full design concept ready to be implemented on your building site. Above all, these goals need to be reached in a cost effective manner, within a building that works.

Adroit Architecture Will Provide You A Great Building Solution.

Adroit Logo BWWe are  a firm of Kenyan architects that has useful experience in implementing building projects in Kenya. We have assisted our clients to get into their possession building concepts that they have implemented to achieve their objectives.

We strive to be creative, clever and sustainable building consultants, able to walk with our clients through the building process as they implement their building project and help them get the best value for their money.

Great Architecture

Our Company Mission To develop market leading architectural design work and successful real estate development projects within Kenya and the East African region, develop sustainable projects for our clients.

Our Philosophy

We work on our design projects until we arrive at beautiful and economical working solutions that our clients would love to develop.

Our Motto

Design and develop architecture that hits the sweet spot of beauty, functionality and economy in the most sustainable manner

Our Delivery

We have the know-how and experience to serve our clients, and we shall ensure that we provide our clients what they need to succeed in their building aspiratoins.

Adroit Architecture- Creative & Sustainable Design Solutions for Your Building Projects by Architects In Kenya

Adroit Architecture Ltd. will assist you to reach your construction objectives. Led by our principal and lead designer, Arch. David Chola, you will find  registered consultants who will help you walk through the building process. With our design and project management experience, we can assist you to undertake your building project of whichever size, be it a simple residential house to your ultimate mega structure.

As our name suggests,  Adroit Architecture,  we want to do things right, intelligently. As Kenyan Architects, we do know how to design and supervise construction of building architectural projects in Kenya and the East African region. We would love to work with you to achieve your building dream. Contact us today and let us start working on your dream building!

Whether it be building single houses or blocks of apartments, commercial projects such as offices and hotels, or even specialized institutional buildings like hospitals and campus buildings, we have assisted our clients to get great designs that have and are being implemented.

We have what it takes to design and manage your project throughout its construction till its completion.

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