Floor tiles are a very common and versatile finish that you will find being used for both residential and commercial properties. Tiles are usually pocket friendly, depending on the type and last a long time. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and can be used both internally and externally for your construction in Kenya.

Here is a look of 10 different tiles that you can use. These tiles are suitable for different spaces, either indoor or outdoor and can handle different kinds of traffic flow.

Construction in KenyaCeramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are very popular. They are basically made out of clay which is baked to harden it in a kiln. A glaze is added to the tiles and they can either be single or double baked. Ceramic tiles are very affordable, durable, long lasting and can handle high traffic. They can be used in different rooms both wet and dry, depending on the texture.



Construction in KenyaGranite Tiles
When lava cools and solidifies, the resulting igneous rock is known as granite. Granite tiles are characterized by a richness in depth and color with a speckle that is unique to each master piece stone. The tile is extremely hard and dense, making it impervious and scratch free after polishing. It works great both outdoor and indoor, in kitchens and other high traffic areas.



Construction in KenyaTravertine Tiles
This is a type of tile that is made from limestone, a product normally mined from hot springs. Travertine tiles have a natural, crystallized look and come with amazing variation where none looks quite like the other, available in a variety of earth colors. The tile is usually porous and soft and its surface is covered in divots and pitting. These are filled and the tile is then polished to achieve the final look. Because of their softness and porousness, they don’t work very well for kitchen floor. The tiles is prone to scratches, stains and of course taking in water. Though beautiful and natural, the tile requires extra care and maintenance.


Construction in KenyaPorcelain Tiles
Porcelain tiles are similar to ceramic tiles in terms of processing but use a more refined clay that is baked at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. They are also referred to as vitrified tiles. The higher heat treatment makes them 100% non porous and impervious to any liquid, making them ideal for both indoor and out door use. Porcelain tiles are available in different textures and finishes, glazed, non glazed, polished, matte, gloss and textured.


Construction in KenyaPebble and Stone Tiles
This is the go to tile if you are looking for a mosaic effect that brings outdoors and indoors together. Each comes in a unique shape and color tone that help create intriguing patterns that create a center of attention finish.




Construction in KenyaFaux Wood Tiles
Faux wood tiles are rapidly gaining popularity, mainly because of how they mimic wood, a much superior floor finish. The faux wood tile will make a room have a much warmer feel, yet again mimicking real wood but comes with the advantage of being easier to clean and maintain as well as being more durable and cheaper. The tiles comes in any shape and size and it is especially common in planks that further enhances the wood feel. It is virtually impossible to tell that the tile is not actually wood, both in look and feel, making it the hottest trending tile in the market today.


Construction in KenyaSlate
Slate is a fine grained tiles made from metamorphic rock that is available in an array of earthy colors. It is idea for both indoor and out door use because it is very dense and strong, making it durable. Slate is naturally very textured, although it can be processed to a smoother finish. It works very well for high traffic areas.




Construction in KenyaMarble
Marble is a metamorphic mineral tile that is highly durable and available in a huge variety of rich colors. Marble is available in a different array of finishes making it a versatile and classic finish for any floor or surface. It can be polished, brushed, hones, tumbled to give it variety. Its weakness is that it is porous and therefore not ideal for kitchens and wet areas but this can be overcome by regular honing and sealing.



Construction in KenyaOnyx
Onyx is yet another stone tile with a unique transparent feel and look to it, a look which will stand out wherever the tile is used. It works well for indoor spaces and can also be used for other surfaces such as kitchen counters. It can handle light traffic well.



Construction in KenyaQuartzite
Quartzite is yet another metamorphic rock that gives a very natural yet classy appearance, available in different colors and textures. It is extremely durable and its versatility makes its work for both commercial and residential properties, outdoor or indoor.




For your construction in Kenya, you have a wide variety of tiles to play around with, that come in different textures, shapes, colors and feel. You can mix different tiles in different rooms. Some tiles can also be used on other surfaces other than floors. Tiles will give you many years of service at an affordable cost, making them perhaps the most popular interior design  and exterior design finish so far.