Bespoke house plans are house designs that are custom designed in every area of their construction. Normal house plans may be built according to certain typologies that are standardized, either according to specific modules or configurations that are broadly used. However bespoke house plans feature customized designs that are difficult to replicate, and are specific to a particular developer’s tastes or a certain designer’s preference if they are well versed with that particular type of design.

 Who wants Bespoke House Plans?

bespoke house plansBespoke house plans seem to be the domain of the wealthy and well heeled. This is because every aspect of this kind of housing is supposed to be very unique. As much as they may sound quite egoistical in nature, there are individuals who are interested in carrying out a signature project that shall be the epitome of style in their kind of construction and type. In short, such individuals are interested in showing off. Whether it be with regard to the quality of the house, or it be with regard to the form of  construction, one may be interested in having a building of a unique style associated with their name.


We are familiar with the Getty centre, or the Burj Khalifa, which are among many buildings that have been motivated by a developer’s desire to impose their signature on the built landscape. It is this kind of motivation that drives a wealthy individual to decide to construct an edifice that shall be associated with their name, a kind of heritage to generations to come that they existed and made a difference in their world. Bespoke house plans are the manifestation of this kind of aspiration at the residential scale, with a developer interested in showing off to their peers where they live and work in sheer opulence.


What makes Bespoke House Plans special?

Creation of bespoke house plans requires a designer to think outside the box. The brief of such a project requires an architect to set aside normal attitudes to design as simply functional with a level of aesthetic and economical balance, to being willing to create designs that have unique character as the main design aspiration.

Designing bespoke house plans also calls for someone with a wild imagination. For a design to be truly customized to an individual, it requires an architect to be willing to be somewhat ‘crazy’ in their initial concepts. These crazy concepts are then slowly beaten into something workable, something buildable. It may require a designer to look to various sources of ideas for inspiration, be it nature, science fiction movies or simply images of things that will create interesting design elements.

Once this has been designed and articulated, the architect in consultation with other design consultants must sit down with other consultants and seek buildable solutions for whatever design challenges that the complex design may be posing with regard to its construction. This process also may require getting to brief a developer on the implications of his or her design project, and especially with regard to approval of costs that may go into creation of the design project.


External Customizations Are The First Way Of Creating Bespoke House Plans

Bespoke house plans are usually customized in various aspects of their design. The exteriors are the first element that must be extremely well customized. The design of an external form of the building must have a ‘wow’ factor, something about it that is visibly iconic and difficult to duplicate.  Using strong forms is a good way of achieving a unique building , but this varies greatly from client to client. At the end of the day, the architect and fellow designers is seeking to create a form that is iconic and easy to comprehend, while being totally unique in its buildup.

External customizations can also include finishes that are applied, and their mode of application. In some areas, the choice of materials can assist to do that as materials selected for a project may require great customization on the part of the client, hence their lack of use in that particular area.  For example, construction of a glazed structure in an area where glass facades are not very predominant can give an aura of uniqueness to a building.

However the choice of a good building form that shall be iconic is the best way with which a designer can achieve bespoke house plans design.  One of the most interesting ways with which an architect can do this is to create a design that is derived from organic architecture. This basically means that the entire design can be very organic in nature, having plenty of curves and bends that are reminiscent of organic forms. These are not very widespread especially when dealing with residential architecture.


Designing Bespoke House Plans Using Elements From Architectural Movements

Another powerful way of creating bespoke house plans is to derive them from strong architectural movements through the ages. Architecture movements have particular types of architecture that was very expressive of their time, and thereafter becomes antiquated. However applying such a design style during a period such as the present, can create a profound and different architectural icon that feels radically different from the rest.

For example, if a client is willing to articulate Art Nouveau elements on the façade of a building that has been constructed with modern movement looks, this can create a signature style. Designing a house with strong gothic architecture elements in today’s world can give a wholly different feel from what the usual residential buildings that we may be seeing today.


There are endless possibilities that a good architect can employ in the design of house plans that are unique and creative. In this manner, a designer can create a design that is pleasant and answer the brief given by the discerning client willing to create a customized house design. Indeed, the essence of  Bespoke house plans is to be different.