Commonly known as maisonettes, multi-storey house plans are the most common homes, attracting a lot of attention. There are many reasons for this, which we shall discuss in this article. In the view of most people, maisonette house plans are more appealing and attractive. They are considered modern in comparison to bungalow house plans, and thus may will easily opt for them.

So are there and pros and cons to Multi-Story House Plans?

Like with anything, there are genuine pros and cons that you should keep in mind when making the decision on the kind of house plan to select.


·         Maximize your Plot

Most people can only access a small piece of land to build their homes, given the high cost of land all over the world. To maximize on a small lot, going higher is better than going wider.

·         Great Views

Multi-storey homes allow you to enjoy better views because of the height advantage. The higher you go, the better the views will be. You will enjoy better light and your house will be more airy.

If you are building in a crowded neighborhood, you do not want to have other maisonettes towering over your home and making you feel boxed in.

·         Maximize Space

When the foot print of your house is smaller, you will have enough room in your plot to create a nice back yard and front yard.

You can enjoy a nice kitchen garden that can grow a lot of food. You can have a car park on the front with nice landscaping. Life is the city is surrounded by concrete and having a green compound is a welcomed relief.

·         Enjoy some exercise

We are all in need of some extra exercise and going up and down your home will provide exactly that.

Instead of being discouraged by the constant walks up the stairs, look at it as a great form of exercise that will keep you moving. The temptation and dangers of a sedentary lifestyle are real and any motivation to change that is highly welcomed.

·         Hill Side LotsMulti-Storey House Plans

If your land is located in a hilly area, a maisonette is a great way to take full advantage of the slop. Instead of levelling the ground, you can create a basement.

·         Space

Going up is a great way to build a very spacious house that will have enough big rooms and storage. You can even consider building an attic and take advantage of roof space that can otherwise get wasted and over looked.

·         Privacy

Privacy is a big advantage to multi-storey house plans. You can easily locate all your private rooms in the upper levels with limited access.

·         Security

Maisonettes offer more security simple because points of weakness such as doors and windows are minimized. Most of your windows will be located at a higher level.

It is also easy to provide more security to the upper levels using security doors where bedrooms are located. These security doors come in handy at night, offering an extra barrier should the lower levels be compromised.

·         Great Design Flexibility

Multi-Storey house plans offer greater design flexibility. You can create a dramatic stair case as well as use the height advantage to create amazing double volume rooms or rooms with vaulted ceilings.

Take full advantage and build a master piece that you will enjoy living in.


·         Cost of Construction

The biggest concern that many have is the cost of construction. It will be higher than building a bungalow because of additional slabs as well as reinforcement to support upper levels.

·         Movement

You may not enjoy all the trips up the stairs especially as age catches up. This is even worse should you have a disabled person in your family.

Making the Final Choice on Multi-Storey House Plans

For most people however, the benefits of multi-Storey house plans far outweigh the drawbacks. Many will spend that extra money without a problem. To minimize on the disadvantage of movement, you can located your bedroom at the lower level and ensure that all amenities you need are available at the lower level.