Open Plan House Plans – Pros and cons

Open plan house plans have become very common. Some see them as a fad while others see them as a modern and welcomed change from traditional house plans. You can achieve this either by completely omitting walls and doors or using half walls to separate different spaces. Traditionally, the theme has been to compartmentalize each [...]

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Guest House Extension and Refurbishment

This particular project was interesting because it required lots of architectural design work as well as interior design. The biggest challenge was working with already pre-existing spaces to turn them into something beautiful and exciting. The extension part involved the construction of a brand new block of 20 rooms, single and double rooms. The dining [...]

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Different Tile Options for your Construction in Kenya

Floor tiles are a very common and versatile finish that you will find being used for both residential and commercial properties. Tiles are usually pocket friendly, depending on the type and last a long time. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and can be used both internally and externally for your [...]

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Construction in Kenya – Types of Windows that you can Use

Windows play a very important role in a building, both functionally and aesthetically, for interior design. Windows are key in allowing natural light and air to flow into a building and at the same time, defining the taste and preference of the owner. Before you embark on your construction project, it is a good idea [...]

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An Amazing Ceramic Pots Waterfall for your Exterior or Interior Design

When it comes to exterior and Interior Design in Kenya, creativity is the only way to come up with a winning design. It all about using what you have or what is locally available to create something nice, unique and elegant. It is now possible for you to have a waterfall inside or outside your [...]

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Interior Design in Kenya – Luxury Vinyl Planks with Full Grain Surface

Floor finishes are extremely important when it comes to interior design in Kenya. It is important for you to select the right floor finish for different rooms in your house. Floors have to endure a lot of use and often times, a lot of abuse. You want something durable but also attractive. Some floor finishes [...]

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House Plans in Kenya for the Non-Ambulant Disabled

One of the salient areas that an architect needs to contend with when designing house plans in Kenya is with regard to designing for the physically challenged. Ensuring that a building has sufficient functionality for those who are handicapped means creating buildings that cater for their needs, allowing them to live as freely as anyone [...]

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