The need for affordable housing in Kenya is at an all-time high. Many people want to own their own homes and get out of the rut of paying rent every single month. Affording a home is not an easy task for any family.

A lot of research and ground work is required in order to bring the cost of construction down without affecting the quality of construction. Some aspects of cost saving in construction are long term with expensive upfront costs.

Ideas on Affordable Housing in Kenya

Here are a few ideas that you consider to make housing more affordable.

  • Take on the Construction Project and Out Source Smartly

This is not by any means easy. It requires a lot of research and dedication but it is perhaps the biggest way to save on cost of construction in Kenya. Instead of paying a contractor, why not take on the construction project? You will need to do some research and find a trusted team of workers to work with you. Source your materials wisely for yourself and monitor usage meticulously.

It is important to know what aspects you can tackle on your own and what aspects you need to engage professionals. For example you can pay an architect and an engineer for a good design then tackle the issue of getting the required county approvals on your own.

Affordable Housing in KenyaA bungalow does not require an elaborate structural design but a multiple story building does. With a little research, you can also be able to interior design your home without hiring an interior designer.

  • Less is More, Simple is Smart

Another big enemy to your budget is a complicated design that is too big. Keep it simple and build what you really need.

A lot of money is used to come up with complex plans and huge houses whose spacious rooms are not put to good use. Avoid the need to compete with others on having the biggest most complicated house on the block.

  • Focus on Excellence

Have you ever visited or lived in a house where everything seems to be falling apart? It is such a common problem. The roof leaks, drainage is terrible, floors are not leveled and the list goes on. These issues have nothing to do with money and everything to do with excellence.

Excellence also ensures that there is no wastage of materials on site. You will be amazed how much money is lost because of material wastage and repeating poor quality work.

  • Save on Time

A good way to save on overall cost is to save on time! The shorter it takes you to build, the less you will spend on labor and security, the sooner you will move in and stop paying rent.

Be efficient and ensure that you achieve maximum progress on every day of construction. This requires good planning. If possible, start your construction project when you have enough money to either complete it or complete the basic structure. This ensures that you build as fast as possible without compromising quality

One the main structure is ready, you can actually move it and work on the finishes room by room. This has been done successfully by many home owners in Kenya.

  • New Technology

New construction technologies such as EPS panels, interlocking bricks, and light gauge steel are a great way to save on costs and speed up on the construction. This requires research into what is available locally.

Many people opt to for example invest or hire and brick maker machine and use this to produce their own bricks.

  • Think Long Term

There are those aspects of cost savings that have a high initial cost. A good example is solar power where installing solar panels costs a lot initially but the long term savings are worth the extra investment.

Another example is using a bio-digester instead of a traditional septic tank. Spend now save later is the principle to keep in mind.

Affordable housing in Kenya is Possible!

Affordable housing in Kenya is an intimidating prospect but it is very possible with the right planning and strategy. Once you move into your home and get out of the rent paying trap, all the stress of home construction will be gone and forget and the pain will be well worth it in the end. Visit our page and take a look at the many house plans we have listed.