Projects undertaken by Adroit and its principals, descriptions of buildings designed and constructed by the firm.

Elements that affect the cost of your building project

Various factors define the cost of construction of your real estate project. If you are able to control these factors favorably, your construction project can be quite cost friendly. On the other hand, this is where your architect will guide you, such that you can find a good balance on these factors to guarantee success [...]

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Real Estate Development In Kenya Fundamentals

 Can your building pay itself back within its lifespan A key component of good real estate development in Kenya is its ability to pay for itself especially during its lifespan’s operation. There are major ramifications that arise from the answer to this question, as it defines whether your building is economically justified, or you are [...]

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Financial Challenges In Estate Planning In Kenya

Doing a great job in estate planning in Kenya requires that the team involved in estate projects do a good job in delivering their obligations. At the point of contracting ones project, there are various bench marks that need to be met by each party, each with their own obligations. All too often, the nature [...]

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What makes a good project manager in Kenya

Project management in Kenya has much to do with the way projects are delivered, and the key professional charged with this is the project manager in kenya. The development of residential projects exert much demand on whatever scarce resources that clients have in developing them. The control of these resources to ensure that a project [...]

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The Kenya Architect – Stages of Work

The Architect in Kenya usually follows a standard process of creating the design that shall ultimately be built. As part of compliance with these set regulations, Adroit Architecture seeks to adhere to these regulations as much as possible. These stages of design form the basis of payment of professional fees. As each stage is completed, [...]

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House plans for discerning clients, the challenge for Architects in Kenya

House plans for discerning clients, the challenge for Architects in Kenya   Architects in Kenya design and supervise construction of various buildings within the country and elsewhere in the East African region.  Probably the most common project that they will design and implement is the residential dwelling, i.e. the House. Adroit Architecture is well versed [...]

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