Open plan house plans have become very common. Some see them as a fad while others see them as a modern and welcomed change from traditional house plans. You can achieve this either by completely omitting walls and doors or using half walls to separate different spaces.

Traditionally, the theme has been to compartmentalize each room, creating a closed up space for different uses.

An In-Depth Look of Open Plan House Plans

Open plan house plansPros

1.   Entertaining and Socializing

Whether you are entertaining guests or hanging out with your family, open plan floor plans allow for greater interaction. There are not walls limiting movement and conversation.

Many enjoy the convenience of hanging out together without walls separating them.

2.   Child Friendly

Open plans homes are great for parents who want to keep an eye on their children while handling other tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Any parent knows the dangers of children behind closed doors without any supervision.

3.   Cost Friendly

The cost of construction is at an all-time high all over the world. Anything that can bring savings is highly welcomed.

Once you knock out the need for walls and doors, your construction budget can come down significantly.

4.   Light and Airy

Open plan designs allow light and air to travel freely throughout the house. This is an extremely desirable thing, especially for those who want to embrace some green architecture and save on the cos of lighting.

5.   Illusion of Space

The fact is homes are getting smaller and smaller. Land prices are spiking higher and higher. When dealing with limited space, open spaces are great in creating an illusion of space.

The last thing you need is to give your already wanting space to diving walls.


1.   Lack of Privacy

You can say bye to privacy when you go open plan. These plans are for those who enjoy living in close interaction with others.

When you are entertaining, your entire home is open to your guests. For some, this is a big no no. This can be mitigated to some extend by use of half walls and screen.

2.   Décor Flexibility can be Limited

A big advantage of closed spaces is you are free to decorate each room as you wish, with little regard to the other rooms. Not so with open plan spaces. You are also limited in terms of hanging art works because you have fewer walls to works with.

A lot of creativity is required to design open spaces in a way that they work together into one big composition. The rule of thumb is less is more.

3.   High Maintenance

Cleaning and organization is a big thing with open plan spaces. When any part of the house is messy, it can be seen. You no longer have the ability to lock away your mess.

It is also important to have a good amount of storage that makes it easier to store away things that are not in use easily and conveniently.

4.   Noise

As you enjoy the openness and airiness of an open plan home, you will also have to contend with noise, which will easily travel throughout the house.

Open Plan House Plans have a lot to Offer

There are definitely a lot of merits that would lead one to opt for open plan living. The case for open plan homes is even stronger when space is a limiting factor. The draw backs can easily be mitigated by proper planning and house plan layout design.

If you do select open plan house plans, take time to do your research and work with a good architect to design the perfect space for you.