Designing office buildings is crucially important today more than ever before for the success of a company/business. This explains the reason why more and more people today are consulting professionals to ensure they get it right from the start. No doubt a professionally designed office building may cost a little bit more, but it will be much cheaper in the long run than a poorly designed one.

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At the very least, a poorly designed office building will be a waste of space, time and money, causing frustrations to employees and to the building owner. With a good design, you can rest assured all these problems will be solved. However, a great office design will take the solution a step further.

It will open up new lines of communication in a working environment, giving employees different working environments for the many different official and social tasks they will be undertaking. Needless to mention, they will be excited about being in a well designed office building, which ultimately invigorates and motivates the workforce.


Having looked at the importance of professionally designed office buildings, the next important aspect that will paint a clearer picture of office designs is to look at what the design process is all about.


What is an Office Building Design?

This is basically the plan through which the office will be built. It is a plan that covers both the interior and exterior aspects of an office and can include both decorative and functional details. Functional elements include such things as electrical schematics and plumbing while decorative elements entail finish specifications.


Before an office building is designed, a licensed architect will have to create a building design, basically known as blueprint, which has to be filed with the local government before a construction company is given the mandate to proceed with the construction process. It therefore goes without saying that working with a qualified and licensed architect when designing office building can never be overemphasized enough.


Who is Involved in Designing Office Building?

Of course an architect cannot be able to oversee the entire task alone and will need the help of other professionals. Basically, the architect is tasked with drawing up the plans, and is assisted by HVAC professionals, plumbers, structural engineers and electricians.


The services of a licensed surveyor may also be required to evaluate the piece of land upon which the office building is intended to be built. Last but not least, the presence of an interior designer who advices on finishes such as counters, flooring and cabinets will also come in handy when designing office building.


Unlike other buildings such as restaurants and museums whose design need to be highly decorative, an office building design needs to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. As such, an experienced architect should tell you that such a building design should be welcoming without compromising on other important aspects of the building such as usability, power needs and of course construction costs.


The best thing about designing office building is the fact that a professionally drawn up plan can be used over and over again. It can be used within the same office park or in comparable developments in different towns.