Eco Friendly Homes also known as green buildings are structures that are designed with environmental friendly construction materials. The building materials used help reduce pollution, since they are made out of recycled materials.

eco friendly homes, eco-homes in KenyaThe government and many people in the world have embraced Eco Friendly Homes and are ready to protect the environment. The existing homes that are not eco friendly cause a lot of carbon emissions, thus leading to global warming.

Eco Friendly Homes have features that save energy, water and the building materials used increase the life of a house or building.

Building Materials for Eco Friendly Homes

Eco friendly home construction materials reduce effect on the environment when compared to competing products. The construction method or technique of green buildings is very different and the process is safe to the environment.

Timber (straw bale)

eco friendly homes timber housing

eco friendly homes are healthy for our environment

Timber can be renewed or reused, such as straw bale. Straw bale is made up of straw that is bound with mud. During construction the straw bale can have a final finish of smooth layer of cement.

Straw bale is durable, good in insulation and it absorbs CO2, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If we use straw bale or reused timber in place of timber from trees, there will be the sustainability of all forests and endangered tropical trees.


Eco Friendly Homes use roofing materials that have no impact to the environment. The roofing materials have many benefits to the home owners, the roofing materials such as solar tiles, green roof and metal roof. The solar tiles will be the source of energy, the green roof consist of vegetation planted which keeps your roof cool. The metal roof is very durable.


There are a variety of eco friendly floorings that can be used during the construction. The flooring can be made from cork, tiles and hardwood flooring. Cork is made from softwood and it provides good insulation.

Energy Sources

Eco Friendly Homes use energy that is safe, such as wind, solar and biogas as the source of energy.

Reasons Why Eco Friendly Homes Should Be Built

Waste Reduction

Eco Friendly Homes reduce wastage of many things, such as building materials that are recycled or can be recycled. It saves energy because of the energy saver bulbs that using little electricity.

Toilets in Eco Friendly Homes use a reduced amount of water per flush.


Eco Friendly Homes if the well built they can last for longer a time. The building materials are very strong, thus reducing the times repairs have to be handled.

Low environmental impact

Eco Friendly Homes have low environmental impact because the home is built with recycled materials. In Eco Friendly Homes there is the use energy form from natural sources such as the sun, wind and biogas.

Health and Safety

Eco Friendly Homes are safe because they are built from non toxic materials, thus reducing the chances of your family falling sick from conditions such as cancer and asthma.

How to Make Eco Friendly Homes

You can make several changes in your home to make it eco friendly.

Reduce dishwasher and washing machine use to save energy or you can energy efficiency settings on the machines.

Turn off the lights when not needed and use natural lighting when possible.

Reduce the usage of the air conditioner and open windows when it is hot at night or during the day.

Use energy saver light bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs.

Hang your clothes out to dry rather than using a clothes dryer.

Architects, designers and builders have joined home owners on the construction of better, durable and comfortable Eco Friendly Homes.