Fm Facility Maintenance was formerly known as Integrated Process Technologies (IPT), before changing name in October 2008. This article delves into areas of interest of the company for architects. The company was founded in 1993 under name Transactive Service Network (TSN) and is based in Hartford, Connecticut. The company offers facility maintenance services to clients with geologically detached localities. FM administers more than 30,000 customer localities, representing further million service requests yearly. It was founded as a HVAC equipment management company, but ultimately it grew into an extensive facilities management firm.

Fm Facility Maintenance, Company Overview

Enron Energy Services attained IPT in support In September 2000, of their violent facility management growth with affluence 500 clients. Enron invested $35 million in machinery, infrastructure, and process mapping to generate a scalable entity able of handling over one million client localities.

In October 2008, IPT changed its name to FM Facility Maintenance. This new name reflects well an evolution in the company’s business from process machinery to a jagged hub on facility maintenance

properties for fm facility maintenanceFm Facility Maintenance grants outsourced facility maintenance management elucidations, to clients with multi-location and geographically dispersed facilities. The company appraises facility service recitals in a variety of trades like plumbing, HVAC, and gasoline providing equipment. Its aptitudes include eminence control, exemption management, national vendor network, diagnose-dispatch-monitor, invoice dispensation and analytics. It hands out retail, healthcare, hospitality, service industries and convenience store.

Fm facility maintenance businesses are appealed to Hartford steam Boiler Inspection and HSB (insurance company. HSB is America’s oldest and largest supplier of equipment goes down insurance; this means that they manage their client’s assets better. HSB Vision is to combine their in depth knowledge of equipment and causes of their failure with Fm data collection and operational management technologies. Today the company is a privately held, standalone entity.

  Current Major Fm Facility Maintenance Developments

The current major developments of fm facility maintenance are;

RBS Business Capital in June 2011 Completed a $20 Million Senior Credit Facility for Fm Facility Maintenance. The proceeds were used in providing working capital for growth and acquisition financing.

Safety-Kleen Systems Inc.  Selected Fm Facility Maintenance in March 2011 to handle facility maintenance for its more than 200 corporate-owned locations in both the US and Canada.

In September 2010 Fm facility maintenance appointed John Kenny to its board as chairman of the audit committee. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School.

He has served in a number of senior executive roles in numerous companies such as; CFO of Iron Mountain, Managing Director of New Day Capital, Executive Vice President , Chief Financial Officer and director of IRM, Vice President in the merchant banking arm of CS First Boston and IRM’s principal liaison to the investor and financial communities.


Fm Facility Maintenance Obtained Assets of US Signs

US signs is a national leader in offering brand application management for clients with multi site retail localities in the United States. In June 2011 Fm Facility Maintenance announced that it obtained the assets and certain liabilities of US Signs, Inc. This strengthened its position as a service provider of facility maintenance services to clients with a national footprint.

There may be lots of symmetries amid these two entities but shared commitments to quality and superior service delivery, makes it a solid enterprise.US Signs expertise in sign services is flawless and industry leading.  US signs expanded the company’s value proposition to customers and suppliers in both the sign and integrated facilities management services markets.

It will keep your facilities in pinnacle stipulation by offering you better service, reduced costs and managerial efficiency across your entire facility portfolio. With facilities across the nation, your company needs maintenance management, the most efficient service is the industry in providing this is Fm facility maintenance.