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Welcome to Adroit Architecture, a dynamic firm of architects in Kenya. At Adroit, we are about creating architecture that fits, functions and fulfills – buildings that are the epitome of your aspirations coming to life in the built environment.

Architecture is one of the oldest professions in the history of man. Simply put, it is the process of creating spaces to accommodate the activities of human beings (as well as other creatures if done by people!). These spaces can be created in a mundane fashion, without much thought as to the impact of the spaces being created on the built environment. Many such buildings exist in our cities today, monuments of lack of aspirations on the part of their developer’s other than monetary return.

The need to create buildings and spaces that matter!

However when these spaces and buildings are created with genuine effort and knowledge of the principles of architecture, they can have a most profound effect on the human experience. They create a sense of awe and desire to inhabit, a familiarity and sense of belonging, a genuine sense of place! That dynamic is what makes people travel many miles to view and experience a city or a building. This is what makes people pay to view a tourist attraction.

Many are today familiar with the Burj Khalifa, the Petronas Towers, the Jin Mao Tower or the 4 Times Square – buildings that are symbols of man’s prowess in conquering the elements of the built environment. These building icons signify huge steps ahead in the progress of man’s technology and the ability to execute mega architecture for the new millennium.

Build green and smart at every level!

However architecture still must be smart at the micro level, at the place where you and I must dwell and build. Every home must be created with smart ideas. Every workplace or school or shopping mall needs to be created by architects who know why things are built the way they should be. Principles of Architecture must be exercised at every level, for the buildings to be functional, aesthetically appealing and cost effective.

Green architecture has also become a major aspect of architect’s work in Kenya or in the East African Region. Architects must exhibit knowledge of how to create sustainable buildings that consume less energy, are more comfortable to work in, save more water and are cheaper to run in the course of their lifespan. These are principles of green building that must be embraced within our society. Developers too must understand that building this way is more beneficial not only to them, but to the world that we live in today.

What must we do?

The gauntlet has been drawn. Today’s architect must be of a different breed from the master builders of yonder, as the issues we grapple with today are different. We live in a world where information drives the engines of the world economy. This same information provides us with opportunity to connect with each other at a global level, not just in Kenya. Sharing of this information provides architects, developers and practitioners of the construction industry opportunities to synergise, and hence create superior buildings than ever before.

It is into this surreal realm of the construction industry that Adroit Architecture has entered, with a pledge to give building solutions that matter to developers, at whatever level. While we do not claim to know it all, we do know enough to ensure that we provide superior products. And what we do not know, we know where to find the answers.

Adroit Architecture are architects in Kenya who will assist you to design and supervise the construction of your building, on time, on budget and with quality.