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Sources of Real Estate Project Financing

Sources of real estate project financing still remains a major challenge for potential home owners and real estate investors who want to get into real estate. Whether you want to build a home for yourself of envision building a commercial building, getting an institution to work with you financially will be one of the biggest [...]

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The 5 C’s of Credit Analysis – Home Ownership in Kenya

Home ownership in Kenya is one goal that appears in the goal form of many, every single year. The excitement of having a roof over your head without the headache of paying rent monthly is huge. The two options of home ownership in Kenya using a credit facility is either a construction loan or a [...]

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Building Construction Consultants Role In Projects

Building Construction Consultants give the general or essential information concerning all the aspects of construction. The consultants always assure their client the construction process will be successful; the consultants are structural engineers, general construction, electrical and plumbing consultants.   […]

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Make Your Dream House Unique With the Best Building Design Consultants

Building Design Consultants are thus specialists who offer comprehensive architectural and building services for residential, commercial, cultural and historic projects within your specified budget. Need a descent place of indescribable beauty, uniqueness, and richness? Just express yourself in lay-man’s language and the Building Design Consultants will interpret your wishes and translate your instructions into plans [...]

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All You Need to Know about Fm Facility Maintenance

Fm Facility Maintenance was formerly known as Integrated Process Technologies (IPT), before changing name in October 2008. This article delves into areas of interest of the company for architects. The company was founded in 1993 under name Transactive Service Network (TSN) and is based in Hartford, Connecticut. The company offers facility maintenance services to clients [...]

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