Project management in Kenya has much to do with the way projects are delivered, and the key professional charged with this is the project manager in kenya. The development of residential projects exert much demand on whatever scarce resources that clients have in developing them. The control of these resources to ensure that a project is delivered in good time and within budget are some of the challenges that project managers need to deal with.


Who is a good project manager in Kenya?

Continous effort has to be placed in the planning and implementation of projects at this level. The use of stage gates provides the project manager in Kenya with useful tools which guide how projects shall be conceived, designed and implemented. This is because as projects go through the process of decision making, it is wise to weigh in the resources required of a course of action prior to that action being taken. Appropriate weighing of challenges in implementation of a particular stage of the project must be examined to ensure that the requisite needs of that stage of action can be absorbed, as well as any deliverables required for that stage having been fulfilled. Should there be an issue preventing the successful implementation of that stage, corrective action will need to be taken prior to entering the next stage. Thus the stage gate process offers great checks and balances for the implementation of projects.


Project management has everything to do with the delivery of a project through managing the resources and inputs that shall be required for its successful implementation. The delivery of projects requires time, monetary and material inputs as well as human resources. It goes beyond hard inputs to the management of soft inputs that are vital for the delivery of projects. These includes aspects such as legal requirements, as well as other societal factors that exert influence over a certain project.  It is the onus of the project manager to see how all these elements of a project come together to ensure that they are well controlled and have appropriate results when dealing with a project.


The Project Manager In Kenya Connects With Other Building Professionals

project managementHaving a successful project calls for the project manager in Kenya being proficient with the various disciplines that contribute to different stages of the project. This may necessitate having working knowledge of the various disciplines that will be required to contribute to the various stages of the project. Of course it is impossible to be a guru at every discipline in the project and hence the need to hire good professionals in every field. Hiring the best brains in the business to do particular tasks is a good idea, though there is need to balance that with the professional fees that will expect to be paid for the involvement of particular professionals.


However with increased experience, the project manager in Kenya can give a client more holistic advice regarding a project with greater exposure on the different areas of the project. In time, the project manager may give advice of legal nature, financial advice or technical construction advice to guide a client even on initial discussions of a project. Usually these are the main inputs that go into any building project. The ability to deal with these areas can be learnt even by individuals who may not be per se involved in any one of these disciplines.


Working with good people is a must for the project manager in Kenya

Good project management requires someone with good organizational and interpersonal skills. The need to ensure that all aspects of a project are being properly dealt with by people with requisite skills makes it paramount that a project manager works with trustworthy talented people. Organizing this group of individuals can be challenging, humans are human. Every one is prone to making mistakes, while dealing with various egos and personalities can also make things rather difficult in project management. Good project managers in Kenya will harness the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in the team and assist them to contribute meaningfully to the success of every project.


Selecting a good project manager in Kenya for your project may be governed by these principles.