Quality control matters must be continuously considered in the process of developing house plans in Kenya. Every housing unit that is developed shall become the home of an individual somewhere, who wants to reside in the best home that they can get for the money that they can afford. The architect who is charged with the responsibility of designing house plans in Kenya must be able to connect with user needs and develop the best solutions to suit these needs.

house plansMany Kenyans are interested in owning their own residential properties today. This strong aspiration has its roots in the fact that they are interested in being able to own a signature home of their own to be delivered from the rent burdens that currently besets many.

Individuals Want A Choice -How to Get Good Quality of House Plans In Kenya

However as their degree of education and exposure broadens, many potential homeowners move from just wanting a house to wanting a particular kind of residential development that is in sync with their tastes. Their aspirations as regards their choice of house becomes more distinct, and with this definition comes a particular demand for quality in the kind of unit that they would desire to call home.  For this kind of developer, not just any house plans in Kenya would be befitting, rather they seek to get the best value for money.

A dream that is crystalized in the mind allows someone to have a distinct direction for where they would like to arrive. It is the same thing with developing house plans in Kenya.  The developers who are able to articulate their dream housing better is able to see property that meets their standards easier.

The concept of achieving value for money can be explained as ensuring that any expenditure in the process of building house plans in Kenya is done with the best possible solution that can be attained at that cost. This can be achieved in various levels of the building process. It commences right from inception of a building’s design to the point at which the building shall be constructed and occupied.

Choosing A Consultant Is the First Step Towards Achieving Value For Money When Developing House Plans In Kenya.

The selection of an architect who shall undertake the very design that shall be constructed is a key element in the process of achieving value for money while developing house plans in Kenya. The architect is brought into a project to conceive a quality built product. He or she must thereafter transform the design concept into drawings and finally use their management skills to oversee the actual construction of this built product.  Therefore, a client must select a good architect who is versed with the whole element of creating quality solutions for the built environment.

A continuous liaison between the consultants and developer in the process of developing house plans in Kenya needs to be sought. This will allow the developer to convey his or her aspirations for the new building, without any ambiguity. Clear definition of the program or brief allows the building consultants to give clear direction on how to achieve the project in the most cost effective manner.

The process of achieving value for money when developing house plans in Kenya requires the developer to employ a deliberate hands’ on approach in the various stages of a construction.  Attaining agreement with regards to the materials and type of construction that shall be implemented at construction marks another benchmark in seeking value for money.  The architect and client can check on various products that are available in the market both at home and abroad to see if there are newer and better ways of constructing the desired property.

Procurement of materials and fittings is an inevitable part of construction of house plans in Kenya. Being able to do this from the right place can make a major difference in a construction project’s bottom line.  A project can achieve good value for money by ensuring that its construction materials are properly procured at the right time on a project’s time lines.

One can achieve value for money when constructing house plans in Kenya by taking advantage of economies of scale. Once a project has been designed, it is possible to estimate or measure the actual quantities that are likely to be demanded by it. The quantity surveyor is responsible to prepare bills of quantities for a project, which gives a good indication of these quantities.

As soon as these quantities are known and the project has commenced construction, a developer can make bulk purchases for goods and materials. These however require the developer to have arranged logistics for ensuring their security and proper storage. For example, one could arrange for supply of bulk cement and steel supplies for the project prior to the point it will be required and possibly get major discounts and avoiding price escalations later on in a project. These can be delivered according to preset timelines in the course of the project.

Another way to achieve value for money when constructing house plans in Kenya is actually travelling to a foreign country where these goods are sourced and making bulk purchases from there of all materials and fittings that shall be used in a project, much like a wholesaler would.  For example tiles and applied finishes can be bought from their country of manufacture at ex-factory prices, and shipped here for use. This needs to be carefully compared with the prices of obtaining materials locally as one would need to compare such costs as customs duty, freight charges, as well as delivery lead times.

In some cases, time challenges on a project can force a developer to resort to local sources of materials and fittings. However, one would find that it is often cheaper to source building materials from their country of manufacture and import, especially if a developer is carrying out a large project and requires bulk supply of these materials. This needs to be planned in advance though. In this way, economies of scale can be achieved, and the developer can realize handsome savings in construction costs in this manner.

All these items require to be controlled from the fore. It is a challenge for a developer to master all these elements of a building project in a bid to achieve value for money. The input from good consultants hired to guide the project can be invaluable in this regard. The process of obtaining value for money as you carry out construction of house plans in Kenya begins there.