House Plans in Kenya – Bungalows VS. Maisonettes

‘Is it cheaper to build a bungalow compare to a maisonette?’ This is a very common question that we get from clients all over. The answer depends on a number of factors that we will consider in this article. Now a bungalow is residential house occupying one floor while a maisonette is a residential house [...]

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House Plans in Kenya – The 4 Bedroom A Plan Complete

Construction projects are very exciting. Our goal is to always ensure that we meet the needs of our clients. Nothing is more satisfying that walking with a client from the time their project is just but a dream to when we have a finished product. This particular project was based on one of our house [...]

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What to Consider when Selecting House Plans in Kenya

There are different kinds of house plans in Kenya that you can choose from. Selecting the right house plan is one of the most significant decision you will make in your journey towards home ownership. Generally, the layout that you select for your home will depend on your personal taste and needs. The building plans [...]

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Creating Great 3 bedroom house plans in kenya on narrow lots

Purchasing narrow lot plots such as small ones measuring 60×40 feet can pose interesting challenges for developing houses 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya. You may find that there are challenges that come to mind when considering how to best make use of your property. Perhaps getting the best fitting plan for a house to [...]

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Three bedroom house plans in Kenya

Different configurations for creating house plans in Kenya exist which a potential home owner is able to tap into when looking at constructing a home for themselves. There are different types of plan configurations available, each with its pros and cons. It is the prerogative of the developer to decide what type of house plan [...]

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Selecting Sites For Building Apartment House Plans In Kenya

Construction of multiple dwelling and apartments house plans in Kenya is one way through which a developer interested in investing in real estate can make a wise investment. Depending on the area where one is interested in undertaking a building project, building apartments and similar house plans can be very lucrative.  There are several issues that the developer [...]

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House Plans in Kenya for the Non-Ambulant Disabled

One of the salient areas that an architect needs to contend with when designing house plans in Kenya is with regard to designing for the physically challenged. Ensuring that a building has sufficient functionality for those who are handicapped means creating buildings that cater for their needs, allowing them to live as freely as anyone [...]

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