Energy Efficiency in Thermal Comfort- Passive Air Flow Principles

Energy efficiency in design  is ensuring that the usage of energy in your building has been optimized to ensure that it is not wasteful or uncontrolled, but rather well regulated and made sustainable. The implications of energy efficient design are realized at the point whereby huge savings are made in the built environment simply because [...]

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Principles of Energy Efficiency For Building in Kenya: Temperature Regulation

Kenyan Architects and other practitioners involved in building in Kenya are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their buildings are responsive to the demands of today’s modern environment. The issue of building sustainability is a key consideration in the process of building in Kenya. Part of the subject of building sustainability has consideration for [...]

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Introduction to Energy Management for Building in Kenya

Kenyan Architects are key stakeholders involved in creating and shaping the built environment as individuals undertake building in Kenya. It must be noted however that the built environment is one of the highest consumer of energy worldwide. It has been estimated in the developed world that buildings consume up to 40% of the total energy [...]

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