Construction in Kenya – Types of Windows that you can Use

Windows play a very important role in a building, both functionally and aesthetically, for interior design. Windows are key in allowing natural light and air to flow into a building and at the same time, defining the taste and preference of the owner. Before you embark on your construction project, it is a good idea [...]

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Approvals required when building in Kenya

The process of building in Kenya requires a developer to be aware of various requirements that need to be fulfilled before undertaking the building process. Any developer needs to carry out due diligence on the issues that are likely to be confronted in the process of construction, right from inception of architectural designs, to the [...]

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The Kenya Architect – Stages of Work

The Architect in Kenya usually follows a standard process of creating the design that shall ultimately be built. As part of compliance with these set regulations, Adroit Architecture seeks to adhere to these regulations as much as possible. These stages of design form the basis of payment of professional fees. As each stage is completed, [...]

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Inception of Building Design by an Architect in Kenya

Inception of Building Design by an Architect in Kenya The architect in Kenya practicing his profession is faced with several challenges in meeting client’s objectives. Clients are increasingly more aware of their aspirations and familiar with the building industry, and it is not uncommon to hear of developers handling several projects at a time, whether [...]

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