Factors to Consider when Selecting Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow house plans are the oldest and most common house plans the world over. They are associated with classic homes that are comfortable and timeless, allowing for cozy living with lots of interactions. So what are the pros and cons associated with bungalow house plans? This is a common question we get from our clients [...]

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House Plans in Kenya – Bungalows VS. Maisonettes

‘Is it cheaper to build a bungalow compare to a maisonette?’ This is a very common question that we get from clients all over. The answer depends on a number of factors that we will consider in this article. Now a bungalow is residential house occupying one floor while a maisonette is a residential house [...]

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What to Consider when Selecting House Plans in Kenya

There are different kinds of house plans in Kenya that you can choose from. Selecting the right house plan is one of the most significant decision you will make in your journey towards home ownership. Generally, the layout that you select for your home will depend on your personal taste and needs. The building plans [...]

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Creating Bespoke House plans

Bespoke house plans are house designs that are custom designed in every area of their construction. Normal house plans may be built according to certain typologies that are standardized, either according to specific modules or configurations that are broadly used. However bespoke house plans feature customized designs that are difficult to replicate, and are specific [...]

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House Plans in Kenya – Lounge Design

Residential architecture is an essential part of the built environment that we experience every day, and creating house plans in Kenya is the norm for an architect. We all sleep, eat and live in the confines of a place we call home, no matter how formal or informal it may be. In this article, we [...]

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House plans for discerning clients, the challenge for Architects in Kenya

House plans for discerning clients, the challenge for Architects in Kenya   Architects in Kenya design and supervise construction of various buildings within the country and elsewhere in the East African region.  Probably the most common project that they will design and implement is the residential dwelling, i.e. the House. Adroit Architecture is well versed [...]

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