Selecting Sites For Building Apartment House Plans In Kenya

Construction of multiple dwelling and apartments house plans in Kenya is one way through which a developer interested in investing in real estate can make a wise investment. Depending on the area where one is interested in undertaking a building project, building apartments and similar house plans can be very lucrative.  There are several issues that the developer [...]

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Quality Control when building in Kenya

One of the challenges while building in Kenya is with regard to the process of ensuring quality control within a building project. Numerous parameters affect quality in a building, and it is imperative that a developer interested in investing in a construction project should be aware of several issues that shape the quality of a [...]

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Approvals required when building in Kenya

The process of building in Kenya requires a developer to be aware of various requirements that need to be fulfilled before undertaking the building process. Any developer needs to carry out due diligence on the issues that are likely to be confronted in the process of construction, right from inception of architectural designs, to the [...]

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Municipal Approvals for Building House Plans in Kenya

One of the challenging tasks in construction of your house plans in Kenya is the fact that you will require to seek approvals from relevant statutory authorities. These statutory authorities are charged with the responsibility to ensure that every building that comes up within their jurisdiction attains certain specific design standards that they have set [...]

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Design tips for the Kenyan Interior designer- Use of timber

The beauty of interior design is brought out through creative use of materials by a kenyan interior designer. There are a great multitude of options available to the designer to paint the mood a client may aspire to. Industrial materials being brought to the market offer variety to a level not previously seen. However, probably [...]

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Factors influencing design of House Plans in Kenya

Different opportunities exist for developers today to create house plans in Kenya. It is important that the developer is able to create their plans driven by the end use in mind. Conventional plans may be created with a bias towards high-end clientele who have particular design tastes, or have a goal to be broadly acceptable [...]

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Energy Efficiency for Kenyan Architects – Green Fittings

Kenyan Architects are faced with the challenge of creating sustainable architecture that is relevant to the times we live in. One of the key areas within which architecture needs to be sustainable is the element of energy efficiency in buildings. Buildings are huge guzzlers of energy in many ways and the building industry has contributed [...]

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