Thoughts regarding green design and sustainable building construction practices.

Means By Which Architects In Kenya Can Create Sustainable Architecture

Architects in Kenya have challenged to create sustainable architecture is. It is impossible to create buildings that do not have provisions for good sustainability and expect to be a good sustainable architect. However being able to provide smart fittings to a project is one way of being responsive to the environment. Architects must be able [...]

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Energy Efficiency in Thermal Comfort- Passive Air Flow Principles

Energy efficiency in design  is ensuring that the usage of energy in your building has been optimized to ensure that it is not wasteful or uncontrolled, but rather well regulated and made sustainable. The implications of energy efficient design are realized at the point whereby huge savings are made in the built environment simply because [...]

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Energy Efficiency for Kenyan Architects – Green Fittings

Kenyan Architects are faced with the challenge of creating sustainable architecture that is relevant to the times we live in. One of the key areas within which architecture needs to be sustainable is the element of energy efficiency in buildings. Buildings are huge guzzlers of energy in many ways and the building industry has contributed [...]

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Tips for Green Architecture for Kenyan Architects – Harnessing Solar Energy

Energy efficient design by Kenyan architects is an intrinsic part of creating green architecture and sustainable building in Kenya. One of the key components of energy efficient design is the whole element of utilization of natural renewable sources of energy. Interestingly there is a large number of energy sources available to building developers in the [...]

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Principles of Energy Efficiency For Building in Kenya: Temperature Regulation

Kenyan Architects and other practitioners involved in building in Kenya are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their buildings are responsive to the demands of today’s modern environment. The issue of building sustainability is a key consideration in the process of building in Kenya. Part of the subject of building sustainability has consideration for [...]

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The Case for Sustainable Energy Efficient Buildings In Kenya

Building in Kenya is a rigorous process involving various disciplines and must meet various requirements. One of the key requirements in this regard is the issue of energy sustainability. A building must be sustainable with regard its usage of energy. Kenyan Architects must consider energy resources that are available to supply energy to any building [...]

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Introduction to Energy Management for Building in Kenya

Kenyan Architects are key stakeholders involved in creating and shaping the built environment as individuals undertake building in Kenya. It must be noted however that the built environment is one of the highest consumer of energy worldwide. It has been estimated in the developed world that buildings consume up to 40% of the total energy [...]

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Recycling Water for Water Sustainability – Tips For the Kenyan Architect

Water is an extremely vital natural resource that requires careful conservation attitude in any design being undertaken by a Kenyan Architect. There is need to ensure that it is used and preserved carefully. This applies to water that has been supplied to the site through clean piped water supply, as well as water that has [...]

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