What makes a good project manager in Kenya

Project management in Kenya has much to do with the way projects are delivered, and the key professional charged with this is the project manager in kenya. The development of residential projects exert much demand on whatever scarce resources that clients have in developing them. The control of these resources to ensure that a project(…)

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Make Your Dream House Unique With the Best Building Design Consultants

Building Design Consultants are thus specialists who offer comprehensive architectural and building services for residential, commercial, cultural and historic projects within your specified budget. Need a descent place of indescribable beauty, uniqueness, and richness? Just express yourself in lay-man’s language and the Building Design Consultants will interpret your wishes and translate your instructions into plans(…)

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Means By Which Architects In Kenya Can Create Sustainable Architecture

Architects in Kenya have challenged to create sustainable architecture is. It is impossible to create buildings that do not have provisions for good sustainability and expect to be a good sustainable architect. However being able to provide smart fittings to a project is one way of being responsive to the environment. Architects must be able(…)

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