The Word of Life Dream Centre is a children’s home located in Donholm, catering for rescued abandoned babies as well as homeless children. We had the privilege of designing and supervising the construction of this home and yet again take a very special client from a dream to a beautiful reality. The design of this construction in Kenya project ensured that we maximized the little space we had.

This exciting project saw the lives of these amazing children changed forever. Coming from a much smaller house in another part of Donholm, these children were finally able to enjoy space and comfort.The children are assigned to a mother, who gives each child direct attention, as any mother would. The project sits on a 1/8 of an acre

Key Features include:

  • A big meeting hall
  • A large lounge
  •  A big kitchen/pantry
  • 12 children’s bedrooms/dormitories
  • Offices

Some of the Institutional Architecture Design Images

Construction in Kenya The front view of the Word of Life Dream Centre

Construction in Kenya Construction in Kenya










The back view with balconies and dormer attic windows











The side view with many windows for lighting










The children’s home design incorporated the use of big windows to let in natural light as well as clever use of attic space for additional dormitories.

The Finished Product

Construction in Kenya Construction in Kenya Construction in Kenya Construction in Kenya