There are different kinds of house plans in Kenya that you can choose from. Selecting the right house plan is one of the most significant decision you will make in your journey towards home ownership. Generally, the layout that you select for your home will depend on your personal taste and needs. The building plans will mainly address how different rooms are arranged, how they flow and how they work together. You can either go for a bungalow or a multi-story building, depending on your style and your budget.

It’s not always easy to figure out what house plan is best for you. Many people get confused and miss out on key elements that must be considered when designing a good house plan. It is therefore crucial to engage the services of a qualified architect to help you conceptualize and design your dream home.

Below are some simple points to remember as you embark on the journey of finding the right house plans in Kenya

House Plans in Kenya


County Regulations

The first and most important thing you must do is find out the regulations in your county. Each county has different regulations, which differ greatly from county to county. These regulations affect setbacks, zoning, access, parking, road reserve, plot coverage, plot ratio. Some examples of the most important factors are:

  • Plot Set Backs – This refers to the amount of space that is required between the boundary of your property and the house. Some counties require up to 6 meters plot setback in addition to 1.5 meters road surrender.
  • Plot Coverage – This refers to how much of your land you are allowed to build on. For example some counties stipulate that you can only build on 35% of your property.
  • Plot Ratio – This refers to the size of your house in comparison to the size of your property. For example some counties stipulate that the maximum size of your house should be 1.5 times the area of your property.

These are just a few examples. It is therefore very important to find out what the regulations are in your county. For these reasons, it may not be a good idea to get free residential construction drawings PDF online. Working with a qualified and registered architect will ensure that you select a house plan that is in line with the specific regulations in your county.

Construction Budget

The prospect of becoming a home owner is very exciting. Many people get over excited and select house plans that exceed their budget. Keep your budget in mind when selecting a house plan. There are many simple house plans in Kenya that you can choose from. Do not frustrate yourself by selecting a house design that you cannot afford. You do not want to start making alterations in the middle of construction and even worse, cutting corners. You also do not want to end up with a huge house that is poorly finished. In most cases, you will find that the extra space you desired is not even necessary and ends up being wasted or under utilized.

Don’t forget to factor in all the costs including the cost of professional services and the cost of getting approvals by the relevant government bodies.

Your Current and Future Expected Lifestyle

Consider your current and future lifestyle when picking building plans. Families with small babies may favor open floor plans while families with teenagers may prefer plans that offer more privacy. If you work from home then you want a plan that gives you enough space to work comfortably. Are you big on entertaining? Do you enjoy outdoor living? Do you often host guest in your home? Answer these questions and you will be well on your way to selecting the perfect house design.

Do not make the mistake of building a home for your current lifestyle with factoring in your future lifestyle. A house plan that suites you now may not work a few years down the line. A good example is building a huge house for your family and being left with unused rooms when children grow up and move on with their lives.

Special Needs

It is extremely important to consider the needs of your family. If you have a special needs family member, ensure that the plan selected works for them. If movement is prohibited for any reason, you may want to go for a bungalow or ensure that the lower level of the house has all the amenities needed by such a person.

If this is the home you plan to retire in consider the location of your bedrooms. You may not be as enthusiastic about climbing stairs years down the line as you are now.

Select House Plans in Kenya that works for You

Select a house design that works for your specific needs and is appealing to you, keeping the points shared above in mind. The internet is a great place to get ideas that you can share with your architect. You can browse through our wide selection of the best house plans in Kenya for more ideas and options.

A home is one of the most important assets you will ever own. Get it right by selecting the right house plans in Kenya.