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Thoughts regarding green design and sustainable building construction practices.

Tips for Green Architecture for Kenyan Architects – Harnessing Solar Energy

By |2011-07-25T16:30:23+03:00July 25th, 2011|Green Architecture|

Energy efficient design by Kenyan architects is an intrinsic part of creating green architecture and sustainable building in Kenya. One of the key components of [...]

Principles of Energy Efficiency For Building in Kenya: Temperature Regulation

By |2011-07-25T15:53:50+03:00July 25th, 2011|Green Architecture|

Kenyan Architects and other practitioners involved in building in Kenya are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their buildings are responsive to the demands [...]

Recycling Water for Water Sustainability – Tips For the Kenyan Architect

By |2011-07-25T12:58:34+03:00July 25th, 2011|Green Architecture|

Water is an extremely vital natural resource that requires careful conservation attitude in any design being undertaken by a Kenyan Architect. There is need to [...]