Three bedroom house plans in Kenya

Different configurations for creating house plans in Kenya exist which a potential home owner is able to tap into when looking at constructing a home for themselves. There are different types of plan configurations available, each with its pros and cons. It is the prerogative of the developer to decide what type of house plan best suits their budget and required use. However, probably the most commonly used plans configuration is that of three bedroom house plans.

Why three bedroom house plans in Kenya?

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One would wonder why the overwhelming popularity of the three bedroom house plans. Right from early on when our parents generations were building homes, there was often a need to create a particular house for the patriarch of the home, then several other units in which the matriarchs and their children would reside in. This kind of hierarchy was quite prevalent in that time, and there arose a tradition that was deeply ingrained in many people’s psyche that there needed to be a particular provision for the heads of a home, and subsidiary provisions for the residences of those under their control.

The rationale for this kind of arrangement was quite simple; the need to provide privacy and control at the same time. Privacy was guaranteed for various cadres of people in the nuclear home hierarchy, as they intermingled freely with their own kind.

One would find that three bedroom house plans in Kenya may have thus existed in this kind of rudimentary format when housing was constructed from mud and timber. Of course as more contemporary housing types appeared with the coming of industrialization and urbanization, there was greater emphasis on more compact housing units occupying smaller tracts of land. This coupled with technological advances of sewage provisions and water reticulation meant that no longer did toilets have to be located away from the houses and could now be integrated as part and parcel of house plans in kenya.

The growth of planned towns and controlled residential development definitely continued to influence the creation of clear housing types that complied with the zoning requirements of each area being governed by town municipalities. Zoning regulations would stipulate which kinds of development were allowable in various parts of towns and cities, according to planned demographic trends and income levels of the population.

The three bedroom house plans in Kenya became a major answer to the housing needs especially of the burgeoning middle class, emerging as a dominant force within the local market. There was a proliferation of several housing developments that were started off by housing authorities such as the National Housing Corporation as well as the City Council of Nairobi and other municipalities. These housing estates were mortgaged to interested individuals who became the proud owners of houses constructed as three bedroom house plans in Kenya.

The growth of the housing sector in Kenya has seen many changes to the aspirations expressed of those who are interested in developing residential developments. While previously housing units may have been very simple in their provisions with regard to residential amenities, today’s three bedroom house plans in Kenya have to be much more ornate in their provisions as times have changed.

Simple economy three bedroom house plans in Kenya typically consist of a living room with a dining area, a kitchen, shared bathroom and water closet, and three adjacent bedrooms. These have now been modified by many subsequent house plans and can now  boast of many additional facilities at the behest of their developers.

Typical three bedroom house plans in Kenya offer minimal plinth or floor area, and for those with well sized usable rooms often offer floor areas ranging from 85 – 100 square meters in area. However this is for a simple configuration of the three bedroom house plans in Kenya. There are other permutations which allow for other auxiliary facilities to be added to the three bedroom house plans in Kenya, giving them a more opulent feel. For example in the Kitchen area, one would ensure that it can connects to an adjacent terrace, while also connecting with an adjacent store and similar ancillary spaces. Having a dining area which connects with the lounge is often the case in three bedroom house plans in Kenya. Having an option of an open plan kitchen can allow a house plan to have a larger feel within these more public areas of the house.


Merits of constructing three bedroom house plans in Kenya

There are several merits that come to mind to justify the construction of three bedroom house plans in Kenya. The size of the average family in the society generally consist of parents, children of either gender and probably a domestic house worker. The three bedroom house plan lends itself very well to catering for the needs of this kind of home, as every member of the home can be provided for easily.

The three bedroom unit in Kenya is reasonably easy to construct, whether as a bungalow, an apartment flat or as a maisonette. Their space provisions are economical, and someone who is interested in constructing a simple family home can achieve success with minimal effort. In addition, their space considerations are moderate enough such that they do not require to have very large plot sizes in order to construct. For example an individual with a plot as small as a tenth of an acre can construct a three bedroom house plan in Kenya very successfully.

One can use conventional construction systems to construct three bedroom house plans in Kenya, consisting of stone masonry, concrete blocks, or brick and mortar construction. There is also the option of construction using prefabricated construction systems such as timber or panel construction.

With these ideas in consideration, home ownership becomes more achievable by constructing these types of houses. It is therefore evident that a potential home owner is able to successfully construct or purchase three bedroom house plans in Kenya that suits them well.