Purchasing narrow lot plots such as small ones measuring 60×40 feet can pose interesting challenges for developing houses 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya. You may find that there are challenges that come to mind when considering how to best make use of your property. Perhaps getting the best fitting plan for a house to build on this property could be the challenge that you may be facing.

3 Bedroom house plans in Kenya can be optimized well on narrow properties

houses for sale in Kenya, narrow lot planIt is true that this module of plots are very prevalent especially within urban schemes of land being subdivided into smaller lots that are just sufficient for residential houses, and especially row houses or semi detached housing units. The type of houses that one will find on this type of property are those which are heavily oriented towards the front or the rear. Indeed due to the narrowness of such lots, There is not too much opportunity to create orientation towards other sides beyond the two.

Due to the need to orient any development done in such narrow lots in such a manner, the frontage and rear facing facades must be optimized. These two facades are the only sides whereby a decent design can express itself, there are very few options one can bank on in other directions. In many cases, the other orientations will be concealed by neighboring developments anyhow.

Therefore, elements such as windows and openings need to be treated quite ornamentally in such developments. A designer should work towards properly defining them and framing their design to make great expression. Design considerations such as balance of solid and void can be experienced here. Interplay of materials and textures can only be achieved in this manner on this facade.

Three bedroom house plans in Kenya need to have good exterior form

One of the best ways with which a Kenyan architect can create a great three bedroom house plan that is interesting is through the use of massing techniques, i.e. through ensuring that the balance of solid and voids is done properly. A good form can be achieved by having well sized openings, interspersed with stretches of solid mass walls.

The interplay of what is considered ‘solid’ i.e. wall space, against void space (windows, openings, and masses) is what creates interest on the facade of a building.

To take it even further, the use of intervening planes enhances the form of the buildings even further. By having overhanging and cantilevering roof eaves that project beyond walls and vertical surfaces, interesting effects can be created. Shadows cast by the cantilevering roofs and slabs add to the sense of lightness of the building, as these seem to fly above the spaces below.

Contemporary houses offer a change from the traditional terraced housing concepts that we have seen for a long long time in our city estates. Their very essence provides a background for a different sort of architecture being embraced within the land. Their look offers hope to young aspiring home owners of a new kind of architectural culture, much different from the previous generation.

Beautiful house plans in Kenya that have interesting facades

One of the interesting characteristics of a narrow house plan is the ability to come up with interesting facades facing one particular direction. This may be best achieved through the use of contrasting textures on the facades, through the use of materials with different colors and characteristics. One may use horizontally lined timber slats for example, contrasted with fair faced concrete walls with hardly any texture. Varying the textural characteristics of elements of the building will create plenty of interest on its facades.

The ability to mix solids and voids is another great method of ensuring that your facades have interest. This speaks of balancing some areas with heavy mass, while creating large openings and void spaces on surfaces in other areas. This creates interest in the facades of houses and commercial buildings. Through the use of elements such as sheer walls and solid planes, interspersed with large wide windows or openings will create this kind of interplay of masses, ensuring balance of what is light and what is heavy. This is what creates interest on building facades.

With these permutations in mind, architects in Kenya can well achieve beautiful narrow house plans in Kenya through the use of such design methods.